Learn about the current Combine teams that are going through customer discovery and market validation experiments.

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

Aduri uses technology and design to inspire more intentional and mindful living.

Taiwan Startup Stadium

Akohub is building a marketing platform that helps independent ecommerce brands boost conversion rates with retargeting, chatbot, and AI prediction models.

School of Visual Arts, Interaction Design Program

Brimly is an augmented reality mobile application to help Type 2 Diabetics patients efficiently make better food choices while grocery shopping.


The New School, Parsons School of Design
With museum demographics becoming less diverse, FishEyes aids museum curators in understanding their exhibits further, and allow them to experiment with future designs.

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program

Next-Generation Emergency Systems use an IoT analytics platform, building-installed sensors, and drone-attached modules to reduce operational difficulty by providing real-time situational awareness of structures and person-locative abilities to first responders.

The New School, Parsons School of Design

Ovee is an application that provides women with the necessary tools to take control of their sexual and reproductive health.

Columbia Business School and Columbia University

BitRights is a platform for content creators (i.e., artists, journalists, etc.) and institutions to establish a permanent and verifiable record of rights ownership using Ethereum blockchain technology and cryptography. 

Music Playgrounds
NYU Steinhardt

The Music Playgrounds are a web-based platform for young people to express themselves and learn from music of importance to various cultural institutions. 

CUNY City College of New York

Ouvos is a community based navigation app that allows cyclists to share real time road conditions.

Rolling Muse
Cornell Tech and Columbia University

Discover music from like minded people with Rolling Muse.

Cornell Tech and The New School, Parsons School of Design

Spaceplanar is an AR app for event planners to place virtual furniture and re-arrange layouts in real-time in physical space to better communicate and deliver amazing events.