Introducing the current 2019 Combine Cohort…

Canairy, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Carnegie Mellon University; Cornell University; New York University; and The New School — Canairy is a platform to monitor changes in respiratory health for patients with chronic respiratory diseases. Team Members: Rayees Rahman, Chi-Chi Bello, Emily Wang, Amy Lei, Flora Wu, Jennifer Hsieh, and Alexandra De Rosa.

 DeepViz, NYU Tandon School of Engineering — DeepViz helps build explainable and interpretable machine learning products and services. Team Members: Parvez Kose and Alberto Chierici.

 eWitness, CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice; and NYU Tandon School of Engineering — eWitness is a platform for journalists, investigators and activists to prove authenticity of digital photo/video evidence they capture using their smart phone cameras, so that their audience can be assured that "seeing is indeed believing". Team Members: Shweta Jain, Nasir Memon, Priyanka Samanta, and Kumar Ramansenthil.

My Brain and Me, Columbia University Medical Center; and New York State Psychiatric Institute — My Brain and Me is a digital media platform that makes neuroscience and psychology personal and accessible. Its first tool allows users to manage and explore their brain scan data and contribute to mental health research. Team Members: Spiro Pantazatos, Mike Schmidt, and Katie Surrence.

Retina Technologies, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai — Retina Technologies seeks to both increase access to visual testing in medical resource-limited settings and improve patient experiences in urban ophthalmologist environments by leveraging the capabilities of virtual reality. Team Members: Aashay Patel, Andrew Warburton, Randal Serafini, Aly Valliani, and Pinkey Patel.

Store Buddy, NYU Tandon School of Engineering — Store Buddy provides augmented reality based indoor navigation and promotion solutions to enhance the customer experience in supermarkets. Team Members: Abhimanyu Dhawan, Kush Shah, Zafir Hasan, Norman Green, and Su-Ping Yu.

Swift, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program — Swift is a web application that helps with meeting preparation and integrates into existing meeting scheduling workflows to create agenda-driven meetings. Team Members: Mengzhen Xiao, and Lin Zhang.

Vett, The King’s College McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute— Vett creates trust and verification tools that make citizens more savvy about news and news providers more transparent with the public. Team Members: Peter Freeby, Brian Ourien, Princess Jones, and Paul Glader.

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