My Brain and Me

We are My Brain and Me. We want to help you see yourself like never before, and in the process, move scientific research forward, enabling discovery that will ease the burden of physical and mental illness.  

We aim to become your portal for all things brain science and psychology. Our flagship service, now in development, is a web interface that will let you upload a brain scan and visualize your own brain.  

Lucia is a typical user of our site. She is passionate about contributing to psychiatric research because her sister struggles with bipolar disorder.  She logs on to My Brain and Me, uses our Study Finder tool to learn where a neuroscience research study near her is seeking participants, and gets a free brain scan.  When she uploads a scan she can see a 3-D visualization on the web or in our app using augmented reality. She can move through her own brain, learning about the function of different regions as she goes. She can make art and jewelry out of her brain scan. And if she's interested in changes in her brain — because she started playing an instrument, learning a new language, or started therapy — if she uploads another scan later we can help her interpret the differences.


We are neuroscientists who work in the Columbia University Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and we created this tool because we want to drive scientific progress forward.  Everyone who uploads their scans to the site will have the option to allow their brain image to be used for scientific research studies, while always retaining control of their data.  We view My Brain and Me as a partnership, allowing everyone who participates to be citizen scientists, while we give them back a view into themselves.

That view extends beyond pictures. Our mission is to educate the public about neuroscience and psychology, to translate scientific knowledge into accessible tools that help you live your life better, and aid the research effort.  We are in the process of exploring which kinds of tools, opportunities, and experiences are most valuable to our users. Our brain visualization tool and our study finder are two of our top priorities, and we're working on others:

  • Custom brain visualizations that allow you to see not just the structure of your brain, but your thoughts and emotions in action (a premium offering)

  • A library of neuroscience and psychology brain hacks and interactive tools to improve everything from memory to mental health

  • Opportunities to learn about psychology and yourself by taking scientific quizzes and trying classic psychology experiments online

  • A news page that offers the latest developments in psychology and neuroscience with interpretation

  • Expert moderated forums that allow you to ask psychology and neuroscience questions and connect to people who share your interests and concerns.  

Head over to our website to learn more about what we're doing and share your voice about what would be most valuable to you. We want to make science a conversation, to provide you with something meaningful, to help you get to know yourself a little better. Tell us how.

My Brain and Me is developing a platform that crowdsources neuroimaging and behavioral trait data and returns an interactive user interface and information on participants’ brain scans.
Universities: Columbia University Medical Center; and New York State Psychiatric Institute.
Team Members: Spiro Pantazatos, Mike Schmidt, Katie Surrence.