Join NYC Media Lab’s growing network of Combine Mentors to meet fresh startups and help build a stronger and more resilient digital media and technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in New York City.

About the Combine Mentor Program

The Combine Mentor Program connects experienced industry professionals with aspiring entrepreneurial talent in a supportive environment. Mentors are exposed to the innovative startup ventures of the Combine cohort, and gain access to meetings, activities and events. It is a unique opportunity for all to share knowledge and wisdom about how to grow and scale a business while maintaining focus on a set of value propositions and customer segments. Mentors learn from the entrepreneurs as they uncover customer insights about emerging technologies and create new business models for commercialization.


NYC Media Lab Corporate Member Representatives.

Startup founders who want to give back and share their experiences with first-time entrepreneurs.

Corporate executives from strategy, venture, R&D, marketing, business development, design, engineering, and data science. We recommend Mentors have 6+ years of business experience.

Faculty experts who can share their entrepreneurial experiences.



Grow the Community

Build a network of startup founders, corporate innovation executives, and faculty experts to support first-time entrepreneurs across our network of NYC universities.


Lend Expertise

Help Combine startup teams get to their best pitch that demonstrates their their vision for product-market fit.


Create Opportunities

Connect Combine teams to additional resources (potential first customers, VC introductions, pitch competitions, later-stage accelerator programs, etc) in NYC’s digital media and technology ecosystem.

Current Mentors

Mentorship Application

Thank you for your interest in our NYC Media Lab Combine Mentor Program. 

We are thrilled to offer our mentoring program to our early-stage startup teams emerging from NYC universities. The 12-week Combine accelerator gives you the opportunity to give back by mentoring a group of high-potential innovative entrepreneurs. There are various ways that Combine Mentors get involved - whether through holding office hours, serving as a guest speaker at the Combine, making introductions and giving feedback and more.

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As a mentor in the NYC Media Lab Combine Mentor Program, I pledge to participate in a minimum of 4 meetings over the course of the year.