Connecting emerging media technology to customers and real-world problems

NYC Media Lab's Combine is a venture platform to advance entrepreneurship in emerging media technology. The Combine offers a lean startup accelerator for university startups, corporate intrapreneurship programs, and executive education. Its goal is to help entrepreneurs and innovative companies take advantage of NYC Media Lab's community and the City's thriving technology ecosystem.

  • The university accelerator matches faculty and students working on new technologies emerging from universities with a lean process to advance customer discovery and business model generation.

  • Corporate intrapreneurship programs offer custom venture bootcamps, startup challenges, and pipeline programs for pilots and proof of concepts with emerging technologies.

  • Executive education programs provide corporate executives with professional development modules that focus on case studies and strategy frameworks for open innovation and design thinking with emerging technologies.

WATCH: Combine alumni share their successes and vision for impacting NYC’s technology ecosystem.

Lean Innovation Fundamentals from the Combine

Curriculum: NYC Media Lab Combine provides a structured "flipped classroom" curriculum for entrepreneurial teams. The curriculum includes video lectures, "field research" for customer discovery, and weekly presentations that show evidence of understanding of the fundamentals of market validation and business model generation. Combine teams will conduct over 100 customer interviews in the program. Teams will develop a business model canvas in the program.

Community: The cohort-based program is a major benefit of the Combine experience. Teams support and learn from each other. The commitment to the other teams in the program results in the overall success and strength of the cohort. 

Mentorship: Mentors from NYC Media Lab's network of innovation executives, faculty experts, and Combine alumni contribute to the growth and development of the Combine's startup teams. 

Funding: Teams are also awarded $10,000 in grant funding when accepted into the program. Following successful completion of the program, teams are eligible for additional follow-on grant funding.

Combine Faculty

Justin Hendrix
Executive Director
NYC Media Lab
1 (646) 251-4929

Amy Chen
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs
NYC Media Lab
1 (914) 602-9420

Oversight Board

NYC Media Lab Staff